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SBMLWrite[options] reads in an SBML model and writes it out in a different format. It is not necessary to previously read the model in with SBMLRead.

SBMLWrite new in version 1.0. SBML Style Sheets in version 2.3.6. Berkeley Madonna support in 2.3.8

inputfile The (string) name of the file to be read. This option is required, and its format is system dependent.
outputfile The name of the file to be written. If this option is not specified, the output will be written to the currently active Mathematica notebook.

String indicating the type of output to write. This option is required.

format->"BerkeleyMadonna" will return text that is compatible with a Berkeley Madonna Equation window.
Get more details on Berkeley Madonna output.

format->"FORTRAN" will return Fortran-77 code compatible with LSODI.
Get more details on Fortran output.

format->"HTML" will return the html for an interpretive listing of the model, similar to the verbose listing provided by SBMLRead
Get more details on HTML output.

format->"XPP" will return XPPAUT input.
Get more details on XPP output.

*There are no default values for any of these options to SBMLWrite.