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MathSBML Installation Instructions

Version 2.7

1. Open Mathematica

2. Type $Path and record (remember, print, or write down) this list of folders. 

3. Quit Mathematica

4. Copy the file mathsbml.m into any of the folders listed in $Path
   Note: you can add any folder you like to your path as described at:$Path.html?q=$Path

5. Optionally, install any desired plugins from the plugins folder.
6. Restart up mathematica.

7. Type 

   and press enter (shift-enter on Windows). A message 
   similar to the following will be displayed. 
   Note: to use the plugins you will have to load them as well, e.g., 
   Expect to see a message such as this:

MathSBML Version (29 November 2007) using Mathematica Version 
6.0 for Mac OS X x86 (32-bit) (June 19, 2007) loaded 
29-November-2007 13:51:19.292036